How to Embed Youtube videos into WordPress posts

This Youtube video was embedded in this post using this wordpress plugin, EmbedIt.

Visit the plugin page to learn how to embed Youtube videos, and much more!

I want the video to go below this line.

The dog is not interested in wordpress plugins, it looks like he’s already busy with his skateboard.

7 Replies to “How to Embed Youtube videos into WordPress posts”

  1. Absolutely amazing, the dog is definitely a pro and does a way better job than me, and to top it off he is actually enjoying it.
    Can you train my dog to this? It would be priceless.

  2. unfortunately the cool bulldog is not mine! I just grabbed the first funny video on Youtube. My dog doesn’t even want to jump on my scooter while parked!

  3. The plugin has only one .php file? EmbedIt shows up on the plugin page and can be activated. I can follow instructions 1-3 but step 4, there is no place to enter a custom key and URL. I had high hopes for this plugin.

    1. Yes, only one php file.
      It uses standard custom fields. You need to turn on their viewing though, in the upper part of the post editing window. This is a quite recent change to WordPress.

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