WP plugin: Notify author about publishing of his posts by administrator

Just activate this WordPress plugin, and it will send to the post author a notification email when the blog administrator will publish his post/draft (or edit article and republish).

A must for community wordpress-based websites! I wrote it since I couldn’t find any other suitable plugin to do this. Up and running on some pretty large   wp 2.6 – 2.6.3 installs. Should work on all recent wordpress installs. No configuration necessary.



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  1. It looks nice!
    but I don’t know when the draft is writed by publish that It can post a message by e-mail what contact vistor email.

  2. hi all, great resource you have here.

    I have one request, i just cant seem to find. I have a multi user blog, transformed into a classifieds site. And i want to
    have it so when someone is viewing an authors individual post, they can contact the author by entering there info onto a dropdown contact form that will only send the question being asked, to that specific author.

    Is there a plugin or something that might achieve this.?

    Currently i have setup so when viewing a post by an author, there is a link to contact the author. This is using the mailto: function. That works fine, but it opens the users outlook express to send an email. I want the email to be written on the site into a contact form. Then send to the authors email listed in their profile.

    please help

  3. Your plugin is great. But I need a plugin were the author is sent an email if therr is any comment on his post. The author then approves or dis approves the comment.

    Also can I know the name of plugin used for your tag cloub

  4. Is there any way to prevent this plugin from re-mailing the author a second time when their already-published post has been updated?

  5. Many thanks for developing a great plugin. Do you plan to update the plugin for newer wordpress versions?

    Also, like somebody above me suggested, can we somehow disbale email notification when Admin only modifies the post?

    One more, can we also notify the author when he submits and article to us?

    Thanks again for developing this plugin.

  6. Matteo,

    Is it possible to modify the plug in so that only the author gets notified when the post is published?

    I do not want to notify all the users for each post that is approved.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  7. Thank you for putting this plugin together! It appears to be working flawlessly on my test install of WP v3.2.1.

  8. Exactly what I was looking for! great just made a request for it to sent to my email address. Hopefully this plugin will maintain community interest for my article blog. 🙂

  9. Hi Matteo!
    This plugin is still working fine, great job.
    Why don’t you put it in the wordpress plugin directory? Would give you sure visibility


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