Nokia 3710 Fold and Isync plugin

Sometimes life is hard and you are forced to find a solution for a specific problem. The Internet gives us the opportunity to share some of these solutions for other people. So…during a dj gig I got my almost-dead iPhone stolen. Not a big issue as the battery was almost dead and it was an old model.

And I obviously have my address book backed up automatically by Itunes. So…which phone should I get? I needed a quick solution.

I’ll buy the iPhone 4g as soon as it will be available, but it’s more a cool gadget than a necessary tool for me as I always have my macbook at hand. And I found the iPhone great for everything, but not so much as a pure cell phone: the battery really didn’t cut it for me. Less than one day receiving lots of calls.

I rushed to buy a simple and rather cheap Nokia phone, this model is very interesting as it has GPS yet in a small and attractive package.  Isync does not support natively this phone. Thanks to this tutorial and Apple’s Xcode tools I’ve created a compatible PhonePlugin for Apple’s Isync. It took me 5 minutes and it has just synced my address book and iCal calendar.


Just download, unzip, and put into your /Library/PhonePlugins folder. Create the folder if it’s not there. The plugin comes unsupported, so I hope it works for you. I am using MacOs 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Download plugin


18 Replies to “Nokia 3710 Fold and Isync plugin”

  1. Bonjour j’ai télechargé ton plugin pour un 3710 il fonctionne bien mais il ne synchronise pas les photos des contacts y a il une solution merci d’avance

  2. Thanks SO much! Worked perfectly for me.

    One tip for other users: copy the folder Nokia-3710.phoneplugin to /Library/PhonePlugins, not just the Contents folder.


  3. Thanks for putting this out there, you kind efforts are appreciated and have made my wife happy!

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the plugin, however, I can’t make it work!
    Should I put the “contents”-folder directly into the PhonePlugins root? So that it looks like PhonePlugins/Contents? Or should I create another folder first and name after my Nokia 3710? This is killing me!

    Thanks for the help!

    / Niklas

  5. Great… you solved my problem!
    I didn’t want to take the risk to lose my phone data once again!
    I feel comfortable now! It works great!

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