New Apple Mouse – The start of a new era?


The Magic Mouse… Ok, this is not about WordPress plugins but might still change a lot our digital lifes – a multitouch mouse! It looks like finally Apple did a big step beyond the Mighty mouse, which proved to be unreliable in the long run (the scrolling ball dies really often).

I will review it as soon as I receive it from the Apple Store! I’ve never been a fan of the apple mice, except the first ADB mouse which was a masterpiece IMHO…the small round one of the first iMac era was too small for my hands, and the Mighty mouse did never fully convince me. We’ll see soon….meanwhile, somebody else already tested it

Update – Apple Magic Mouse pros and cons

I got my new apple mouse – it’s very light and small compared to the Logitech MX300 I’ve been using for years. It is maybe a bit too small for my hands, but it is very comfortable. Clicking has a solid feedback, and the touch scroll weel is nice, even if I miss the usual clicking of traditional wheels. The mouse tracks very well but it can’t work on my glass desk without  a mouse pad.

In the end

The new Apple Magic mouse seems a solid product. The only thing that deceives is the swipe function,which I ended up turning off because it kept triggering too easily during my mouse “homing” (when you grab it, after working with two hands on the keyboard).