Double your Mac speed with an SSD drive!

SSD drives will be a great revolution in computer hardware in 2009….that’s what you will also think in a few minutes.

Side by side a Late 2008 Macbook (2.4 ghz,  Fujitsu 5400 RPM traditional stock drive, 2 gb ram) with a First Generation Macbook Air (1.8Ghz, 64 Gb stock SSD Drive) doing some common tasks – the short story: Macbook Air is always faster in booting and launching applications.


The systems are 2 weeks old each, same software installed, the Macbook’s hard drive is filled at 30% only, while the Macbook Air’s SSD drive is filled at 85%.

The 2.4 Macbook (on the left) has a much more powerful CPU, a newer motherboard design, and it’s really a great machine. You’d expect it to be much faster than the Macbook AIR.

Yet the Macbook Air (on the right) is greatly helped by it’s SSD drive.

Obviously you can custom order a 2.4 Macbook with SSD drive fitted – this setup should really scream – but there are better options so keep on reading!

This test   reveals  how much a fast disk is influencing your computer’s speed – sometimes much more than a faster processor.

The Macbook Air’s firmware takes a lot more to start booting….but once the boot process is started, the 1.8  Macbook Air boots in half time than the 2.4 Macbook!

App launch time is also surprisingly faster on the SSD equipped Macbook Air – in the video you can see how the Macs deal with launching Photoshop CS3 & Word 2008.

As expected, the second time the application is launched, results are different, and the 2.4 Macbook wins over the AIR – this time disk performance is not important, as Mac Os X caches  the application code into memory, so the next time you fire it up it takes less time. has tested a the new X25 Intel SSD drive – this new generation SSD drive is so much faster than   traditional hard drives, like the one housed in the tested Macbook Air – the numbers are just incredible and I believe we will face a great revolution in laptop computing in 2009 (and maybe in desktop as well, as this drive is easily fit in a Mac Pro).

Installing this new Intel drive in your Mac will give you the best Mac experience ever – I really look forward in doing this as soon as larger capacity models will come up in 2009 – today we are limited at 80 Gb and the price is around 550$. Not cheap. And too small for my needs (especially when it comes to large iTunes libraries or some serious work) – I hate using external drives!

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  1. Just ordered a 13″ MacBook with a monster solid state drive (-: I’m pumped to receive it…email me if you want a review in a week or two (-:

  2. The single best money I ever spent was on an OCZ solid-state disk upgrade for my 1st generation MacBook. Since it has just a SATA I drive controller, I didn’t really need to buy a high-end SSD model. It’s performed *flawlessly* on OSX 10.5 for the past 3 months. Love it! I can’t imagine ever going back to a spinning platter drive.

  3. I would like to see it after a few weeks when the memory has all been used once, it would be much slower.. i would say wait until price comes down and the problem with rewriting the memory is fixed

  4. is there a way to install a ssd on 2008 model mac, or get an external ssd to run the mac software?

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