is_child WordPress Plugin

I want to thank you Erik Range, the author of this great plugin wich has helped me a lot of times: is_child

Unfortunately the developer’s site ( is down. So I’ll host this one for all of you who haven’t used it yet – if Eric is not offended – those lines of code are way too precious to get lost!

Download latest 1.1.2 is_child plugin

What is this for?

Useful for template designers. This plugin checks if current page, posting or category is in direct or recursive relation with a specific parent category or parent page.


–>    is_child( 10 )
Checks if the current page, posting or category is somehow
related to category- (or page-)ID 10.

–> is_child( “Example Category”, false )
Checks just if the current element is a direct child of “Example

–> is_child( “some-page”, 1 )
Checks if the current element (page) is somehow related to a page
with the slug “some-page”.

13 Replies to “is_child WordPress Plugin”

  1. Great plugin – very helpful to create conditional sidebar menus for website design. Thanks!!

  2. Hey my name is Erik Range but i´m not the guy from that site!!!

    I´m 13!!!
    And i live in Germany, Regensburg(sry i don´t now the english name :’-( )

  3. Thanks for the great plug-in. Looks like this is the only one that does this specific task of determining a parent-child relationship.

    That plug-in ONLY checks for immediate parent so is not useful if are checking from ‘grandchildren’ level.

    One small issue though, the site says the version is 1.1.1 but the installed version says 1.1.1 !! is it a typo? or I am doing something wrong ?

  4. Sorry about the previous post, I pressed the ‘Submit’ before making the correction.

    “site says the version is 1.1.2 but the installed version says 1.1.1”

  5. Beware of this plugin.
    It is a good one for parent pages, but it caused me 500,000 lines of error in server logs (34MB of text), since it tries to select from table wp-categories, which does not exist, and so WP creates an error log.

    I’ve just made a small and dirtry (but works) fix for that, to let this plugin work only for pages parents.
    For posts, anyway, you should use WP built in function in_category() instead of is_child()
    If you’re interested in that fix you can download it at
    (I named it ver 1.1.5)

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