How many web users still are on IE 6?

Every web developer hates Internet Explorer 6, one of the biggest loads of crap in browser history.
I’ve dedicated some minutes to figure out how many users are still using it waching 10 italian and english language websites, 100-3000 visitors a day, mixed nieches. Tool: Google Analytics.
The average in my rough but independent 10 minute study is quite similar everywhere:

approximately 5%.

Those people should really upgrade to a safer web experience, with Firefox or Google Chrome.
Most of those people are very inexperienced web users IMHO. I doubt they buy a lot online – will check it out in my next quick study 😉

I believe all website contents should be made available to all browsers, but I can tolerate some smallish visual quirks in IE6 – come on, we are in 2010 and we can’t continue to build highways that are sill compatible with a two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage!

The official W3schools study on browser statistics is also interesting, giving not too far results. Check it out if you want.

Let’s hope IE6 will soon completely disappear from the web!

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  1. Actually SEO, my independant studies as of 5 seconds ago put it at an ever decreasing amount, 4.5% by the end of the year, although with the heavy increase in ipads, iphones, and other UMPCs and smartphones that could even be a high estimate.


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