Google Chrome – A smart user interface

I’m testing the new Google Chrome browser. It is only available for Windows right now, but the Mac version should be soon available.

It feels very fast when browsing pages, and the user interface has many useful new features.

google chrome

Safari,  IE and Firefox share pretty much the same user interface and features. Google Chrome seems a bit forward introducing some new flavour in browser user interfaces. Tabs where the only real addition since the days of Netscape Navigator…imho!

What I really enjoy is the fullscreen mode. If you maximize the application window, tabs will stick to the upper edge of the screen, helping you easily reach with your mouse: corners and sides of the screen are always easier to reach, because there’s no risk of “overshooting” the target…

What I didn’t like too much is that Chrome has it’s own look and feel and doesn’t inherit much of your OS standard look – I really think that applications should stick with OS consistency, especially when designing a browser – except when there are very special user interface interaction patterns / user needs (Serato Scratch Live?)

I strongly recommend you to test drive Google Chrome! Let’s hope to have it soon on the Mac too.

The only downside: from today web developers need to test their work on Chrome too!

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  1. Yesterday I have tested GC. Finally a google browser easy and smart like no one.
    The most important feature (fashion and useful) is instead of traditional tabs like those seen in Firefox or IE, GC puts the tab buttons on the upper side of the window and not below the address bar. COOL!
    Now I’m waiting PR widget!

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