EmbedIt WordPress Plugin – Embed HTML code in WordPress without problems!

images.jpgDo you need a SIMPLE plugin for incorporating any HTML code (including Youtube, Metacafe, Ustream.tv html embed code) into your WordPress posts? WordPress 3 compatible?

How many times have you been feeling frustrated because the WordPress built in WYSIWYG editor would destroy your HTML code, no matter what you do?

This light and easy wordpress plugin will solve your problem.

The Current situation as of the year 2017: [Since 7 years,] WordPress handles directly all video embeds just pasting the URL in the content editing window.

Excellent! This makes these plugins no longer useful.

Back in the days it could be really helpful to embed some HTML in a separate window.

This plugin takes advantage of WordPress custom fields. If you haven’t heard about them, you’ll soon understand what we’re talking about. Just have a look to your wordpress post editing page, under “trackback”.


images1.jpgEmbedIt is simple plugin that allows you to embed any html code in a post, deciding precisely where to embed it, allowing you freedom of coding your html without being annoyed by the wysiwyg editor. It will save you a lot of time, a quick solution for many occasions. No messing around, and compatible with any html embeddable service. And of course, you can write your own html code, without having the hassle of dealing with the WordPress WISYWYG editor.

USAGE: While editing a post, create a custom field with key HTML1 and paste the code you want to embed into the Value field. Then just write [HTML1] in your post where you want to embed the html code. (Just use the standard wysiwyg post content editing window, no need to switch to Code view).


There you go.

Let’s say that you want to embed an youtube video into your post.

  1. Install and activate the plugin. You may know how to do this.
  2. On the Youtube video page, copy the HTML code of the video.
  3. Now in the WordPress post editing window, place your cursor where you want your video to appear and just type


    Here is what things should look like. Click images to enlarge
    embed html into wp

  4. Create a custom field using key HTML1

custom field wordpress

and paste the HTML code that you’ve copied from Youtube in the Value field on the right.

Here is what things will look like.

Do not forget to click Add Custom Field.


Have a look at the post: exactly where you wrote [HTML1] the video appears.

Here is our result! Have a look at this funny video post


If you need, you can use up to nine times the trick: just use the “tags” [HTML2] …. to [HTML9]… in order to embed up to nine html different snippets per post, placing each snippet in a different custom field called HTML2 … to HTML9.

You can also “print” the same html snippet more than one time calling the [HTML1] tag more than one time. No problem with it.

This plugin can come real handy when using wordpress as a CMS. Your clients will no longer destroy their embeds when editing pages and posts!

130 Replies to “EmbedIt WordPress Plugin – Embed HTML code in WordPress without problems!”

  1. Fantastic plug-in for server hosted WordPress blogs. Now I only wish that WordPress would take the hint and implement a solution for their many users (like my students) still using their free blogging platform.

  2. I like your blog theme. I want to use it on my blog.
    Can you please tell me from where I can download these theme?

    Many thanks

    Dan owner of the future gadgets blog future gadgets and inventions

  3. Wow, this is exactly what I needed. All the other plugins for this are limited or clumsy. Thanks for writing this plugin!


  4. Caro Matteo,

    ti ringrazio per le tue preziose indicazioni. Il problema stava proprio nelle parentesi quadre. Ho messo solo HTML1 e subito è comparso il codice in embedding. Il sito su cui sto lavorando si chiama portanord.it e non appena sarà pubblicato ti inviterò a visitarlo e a darmi qualche consiglio. Complimenti ancora per il tuo plugin. Ho una piccola web agency che si chiama iditom (www.iditom.com). Chi lo sa, magaripotremmo collaborare su qualche progetto!
    Grazie ancora.

    Filippo Marini

  5. Thanks for the plugin. I was having a hell of a time trying to get my custom google maps in my site. Your plugin solved what was days of pulling out my hair. 2 thumbs up!!!!!

  6. Very nice and elegant. I’ve had a few problems before loading in Youtube videos and did find a plugin specifically for that, but this one is generic enough to use for all those tags.


  7. Hi Alexa,

    you should be able to embed every kind of video, provided you have the right html code to embed. Contact me if you need help!

  8. You should host this on the wordpress.org site so more people see it, and so that if you ever update your plugin it will be available to everyone using the automatic update system.

  9. Is there a way to upload more than 9 HTML code snippets? This plugin is perfect, but I need it to embed 50 or 100 HTML snippets or more!!!! please help!

  10. Same question as mortadella – Is it possible to enlarge the number of snipplets up 100 or more?

  11. yes. Just edit the embed-it.php file. Go to line 19. Change the number from 9 to the desired value of maximum snippets. You’re done!

  12. Thanks for the plugin and instructions. I have finally embed an iframe into my blog to show google maps.

  13. Matteo,

    I’m using Camtasia to do screencasts. I host the .swf info locally on my blog, uploading it via FTP. I want to be able to allow my users to have the option of viewing the video in full screen mode, which means that the full screen functionality is only available when you produce ExpressShow with an HTML file, and then run that video by playing the HTML file.

    How do I embed the locally saved HTML file? I’m not quite sure how to code it for the “value” box.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  14. I downloaded the plugin and used it on my PC and it works great. Another friend used the same plugin on his Mac and it did NOT work. Should the same plugin work for both platforms?



  15. No, I’m using it on the Mac all the time with success. Maybe you’re plagued by the famous WordPress bug – have a look in the grey box notice before the comments – “YOU’RE ALMOST THERE, JUST A QUICK NOTE IF YOU’RE ON WP 2.6”

  16. I use custom fields for annotations and links. How do you deal with that? Do I have to hide all custom fields if I want to use this plugin?

  17. no! No need to worry. This plugin only acts on the HTML1, HTML2…. custom fields. Other custom fields are not concerned!

  18. I am using a WP theme that requires Custom Fields for placing video posts [press75 “OnDemand”]. It bypasses the conventional WP embed process form field, and requires the embed code to go into pre-defined Custom Fields. I would like to use your plugin to have preset embed code in a specific Custom Field so my user need only change the video filename in the preset code to post the new video. Is this possible with a mod to your plugin?

  19. Scratch that. Strangely I posted a new page, it failed, I started again and then when I checked the location page it was working. Must have been some sort of temporary corrupt file.
    Thanks for a great plugin.

  20. Same question as Kris@FreshFocus. I have another program (SportTracks) that creates and updates a “stand alone” .html page. I want to show that page inside of a page in WP. If I create HTML1 and [HTML1] I get just the text “http://www.kasdorf.name/Running/RunIndex.html” instead of the page contents embedded in the WP page.
    Tried various combos of no “html” with no luck. Also tried adding [HTML1]

    Anyone have the solution it would be appreciated!

  21. Thanks for the plugin. It works perfectly, much better than other “raw code” plugins.

  22. Fantastic!!

    Just installed it, have used it once and it is perfect. Now to try to embed that silly google map on my site…

    Thank you!!

  23. Pure genius. I needed some code to clear the floats after some pictures I inserted into a post. Works great.

  24. With notices turned on I get a lot of:

    Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 0 in /home/somefolder/public_html/wp-content/plugins/embed-it.php on line 23

    In production you will want disable notices, but it’s not good knowing they are there but simply you cannot see them.

    So, you may want to substitue in lines 22 and 23:

    $html= get_post_meta($post->ID, $key,false);


    $html= get_post_meta($post->ID, $key, true);
    if($html == ”)

    Hope it helps.

  25. I rarely leave comments on sites but I have to say that this plugin really, really helped! Thanks for taking the time to not only create such a plugin, but to share it with us (especially we NEWBIES) – great!


  26. I needed to embed an online tool into a WP page. That tool has a JavaScript input forms, progress bar, an XHR call, and a table for the CGI output. Tried doing it manually – got a distorted page.

    EmbedIn solved the problem!

  27. THANK YOU!!!!

    I’m new to WordPress – only started using it this weekend – a friend made a new version of my site in WordPress – he’s on holiday this week and I needed to add a couple of pages with code in… Your plug-in was PERFECT!!!



  28. Hi!
    Just downloaded your Plugin “Embed HTML code”. I think it is that what I was looking for.

    By the way how did you manage it to let the people enter their E-Mail address in order to get the file. Did you control the downloadable files in WP.

    Please tell me.

    kind regards and have a nice day


  29. This plugin will made my job easier. Any of you guys know how to embed a website in my own wordpress blog? What I want to do is embed one of my affliliate landing page in one of my post, is this possible?

  30. Okay, I think I’m missing something. Do I need to host my own wordpress blog in order to add plug ins? I can’t find where I can add plug ins.

  31. I’m having trouble on posting an simple HTML FORM to my post, on a WPMU 2.8 installation.

    Now, I’ll try this plugin…

  32. this is not working for me. i followed all the steps mentioned by you but it is not working.

    It is showing the wordpress converting HTML and showing it as WYSIWYG did.

    Please help am using WP 2.8.6

  33. We were just swithcing to WP
    and looking for similar plugin

    thank you
    for this tool

  34. Hey this was really useful – do you know if there is some way to automatically generate HTML code and embed it (I have a cartoon website http://www.wonkie.com and would like users to be able to copy a ready made code snippet to include a cartoon on their website (and I need the code to be generate automatically for each new post)


  35. I cant install the plugin. Downloading works ok. Do I install the .php file or do I install the whole file without extracting it? When I do it either way it doesnt work & the plugin isnt installed. Am I doing something wrong? Step by step how do I install? Thanx.

  36. I’ve been trying to embed Amazon Affiliate book code on my blog and was thrilled to receive your plugin. One thing people should know is that, at least for my purpose, the picture doesn’t appear in the edit window. If you preview the post you’ll see it. Thank-you very much!

  37. Hi, I didn’t find out where the “custom field” is. Can you show me where’s this option? I understood how I need create, but I don’t know where the bottom CUSTOM FIELD is.

  38. This doesn’t work on a page in WordPress MU 2.7.1. it does work for posts, but not for pages.

    Please advise on how to correct this.

  39. Matteo! This is absolutely awesome! I’ve come across few plugins like wpautop or WP-AllowTags and none of those work. EmbedIt works and works perfectly! Thanks a million!

  40. Nice plug-in. I couldn’t find anything that emulated the function of pre / code tags I used to use back in the days of html. WordPress truly is a whole new paradigm.

  41. I want to thank you for yet another fantastic post. I am always searching for great WordPress tips to recommend to my readers. Thank you for writing this tutorial . It’s just what I was trying to find. Truly amazing post.

  42. This is definitely the most valuable plug-in that is missing even in WordPress 3.0. The guys from WordPress should buy this and integrate into their next WP version. Thanks a lot!

  43. Thank you so much! This works to embed a hosted paypal buy now button too (in case anyone is needing that functionality).

  44. hi matteo, nice plugin!
    and as you are giving it away for free, why don’t you just upload it to wordpress.org? Or have you, and I’m so dumb I can’t find it?

  45. Hey,

    thanks for this. it’s exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll let you know how it works for me.

    also, excellent sqeeze page! I see so many bad ones and this one is superb… happy coding!

    Peace & Love,
    Teddi B

  46. I desperately need this. however, am using WordPress Mu 2.8.6 and Rob Watson in March posted a comment that he had having difficulties in using it on pages. Has that problem been solved? Would be very interested.

  47. It doesn’t work inWP 3.01 unfortunately. This was a dissapointment as this was just what I needed so badley. I’ve tried everything; diverent themes, but nothing.

    Maybe somebody can help me here.



  48. I’ve to correct my first reply as I’ve made a mistake. The author whas so kind to correct my input in the special field. I’ve put the [] in as well and that was wrong. I should put the HTML in without the [].

    I’m very gratefull for this fantastic tool and I thank Matteo for this.



  49. Hello,

    thank you so much for this solution, it works. I had already given up any hope to tell WP not to change HTML Code and I was ready to jump right out of the window. So you saved my life, buddy.

    Kind regards

  50. Thank you! This plugin helped me solve an INCREDIBLY annoying problem with aligning vertical images in a post. Great work!

  51. actually, it’s working great and i’ve been looking for this for over a year hah.. finally getting rid of the one big advantage blogger had over wordpress. awesome!

  52. OK then…
    after using your plugin to create a test page with the HTML1 custom field, even after deleting the post, and the plugin, now my site persistently redirects to the deleted post. Any ideas?

  53. None of the content embedded with this plugin is searchable on pages in my blog with either the built in search bar or the few plugins that support shortcode. Has anyone found a way to make the content findable for search queries?

  54. Hello, Is it possible that this does not work on WordPress 3.1.1? I’ve installed it “successfully” but there is no custom field that comes up. There doesn’t seem to be any changes in the site that would let me manipulate the plug in.

    Thanks and looking forward to your response. I hope I’m wrong and perhaps you can send me some steps.

    1. no, it works. It uses standard custom fields. You need to turn on their viewing though, in the upper part of the post editing window. This is a quite recent change to WordPress.

  55. Embedit is a great plugin, but if you use it a lot your page or post becomes difficult to understand. Who will remember what [HTML23] means? This is especially important if one is working on a team, because the other team members would have to look up the meaning of every Embedit code.

    So I tried an experiment: After the number in the Embedit code, I wrote an explanation, in both the custom field title and the calling code, so now the calling code reads
    [HTML23~Book Title]

    The Embedit plugin still works. I figured that when php tried to take the numeric value of whatever followed “HTML” it would ignore the first non-numeric character and everything after it. But that is just a guess of mine. How reliable is this plugin’s wonderful but undocumented behavior?

    If it is an unreliable feature, how much would it cost to add a similar feature to the plugin, that would use a marker character and allow a description.

    Thank for your help on this.

    1. still interested? Let’s get in touch via email. You can read it in the contact page. Thank you.

  56. I am starting my WP Blog. I am making a squeeze page where I should put a video on it. I have downloaded the “Embdit” and I activated the screen for the custom field is a little different.There is no “key” field and I assume itis named “name” on mine. Any way, I have tried and tried to download the video inserting its HTML code and nothing happens. Of course I have tried it with several other videos and the result is just the same,

    What am I missing here? Does any one can help me? I am new at all this.


    1. both. It uses standard custom fields. You need to turn on their viewing though, in the upper part of the post editing window (SCREEN OPTIONS).

  57. Hi,
    Is there a similar plugin (but newer?) I understand there are many plugins out there, I was just curious if there was another plugin similar to what embedit does. I need to add html / css to my posts.

    Thank you!

  58. Wow it works perfectly. Been looking everywhere for something to embed my AlertPay button. Thanks!

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