Embedding video in WordPress 2.9

No more plugins necessary! Pasting a full Youtube (and more…) URL will automatically embed the video. Great!

I think this is agreat addition to WP. Many people are interested in building video blogs and this small change will make their start much more flawless. I   see WP getting better everyday!

Double your Mac speed with an SSD drive!

SSD drives will be a great revolution in computer hardware in 2009….that’s what you will also think in a few minutes.

Side by side a Late 2008 Macbook (2.4 ghz,  Fujitsu 5400 RPM traditional stock drive, 2 gb ram) with a First Generation Macbook Air (1.8Ghz, 64 Gb stock SSD Drive) doing some common tasks – the short story: Macbook Air is always faster in booting and launching applications. Continue reading “Double your Mac speed with an SSD drive!”

Google Search news: Google collecting user feedback

Just a quick note – Is this all new, isn’t it?

While performing some Google search, I just saw at the bottom of the SERP a “Add a result” link-wich shows when clicked a small form…and  even more links!

  • Add a page that you’d like to see the next time you search for
  • See all my SearchWiki notes
  • See all notes for this SearchWiki
  • Learn more


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Seems like Google is starting to more explicitly accept user feedback – it’s a very precious “user generated content” for Google, wich might lead to a better search experience.

I have some questions though…what if some black hat SEO starts to fool the system, maybe using some nasty proxies to simulate many users voting for his site?

WP plugin: Notify author about publishing of his posts by administrator

Just activate this WordPress plugin, and it will send to the post author a notification email when the blog administrator will publish his post/draft (or edit article and republish).

A must for community wordpress-based websites! I wrote it since I couldn’t find any other suitable plugin to do this. Up and running on some pretty large   wp 2.6 – 2.6.3 installs. Should work on all recent wordpress installs. No configuration necessary.